About us

One V Salon is the one stop shop for all Lash & Brow cosmetics. We specialise in Handmade Luxury Cluster lashes to lash & Brow Growth products. Our beautifully design cluster lashes are lightweight and easy application will ensure you won’t be disappointed.

At One V Salon, understand that your eyes are the focal point of your face, and our products are designed perfecting the best lashes and brow results for you.  Our Lash & Brow collection features an array of premium products, including Cluster lashes, Lash Growth products, Brow Growth products, and Lash & Brow cosmetics. We started off as premium B2B Beauty supplies company to tens of thousands of Beauty Salons worldwide. Now we want to give the beauty salon quality products to customers to use in their own home.

Cluster Lashes: From everyday elegance to show-stopping glamour, our Cluster lashes cater to every style and occasion, ensuring your eyes captivate attention wherever you go.

Lash Growth Products: Experience the transformative power of our Lash Growth products, specially formulated to nourish and strengthen your lashes. Our advanced formulations stimulate natural lash growth, promoting length and thickness for lashes that speak volumes.

Brow Growth Products: Achieve the bold and defined brows you've always desired with our Brow Growth products. Enriched with potent ingredients, our formulas promote healthy brow growth, filling in sparse areas and sculpting the perfect arch.

One V Salon is proudly growing around the world in salons and homes now and we can’t wait to keep developing the best lash and brow products for our customers.